This moment - Katniss casting about for the appropriate response to Gale - is an amazing bit of acting. You can see her sorting through memories of how she might have reacted before the Games in an effort to adopt a suitably unaffected demeanor.

The freedom she felt in this setting and the comfort she had with Gale has deserted her. Now it’s difficult for her to even share a simple joke, as she struggles to muster a lighthearted appreciation of his banter. When Katniss finally answers, she barely meets his eyes, likely worried that he’ll see the truth - that all she can do is relive the Games over and over.

It just completely captures how hard people try to be whole for those they love, even when they’re broken. It’s not something that can be hidden long, and this moment shows how difficult, how agonizing, and how impossible keeping up the facade can be.

In just a few seconds, her completely altered dynamic with Gale is portrayed. Her experiences stand between them, and you can feel what an incredible relief it would be to not have to pretend for a second, like a thousand-pound weight lifted from your shoulders.

I really respect this scene. Gif borrowed from this beautiful set.

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