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Anyone is welcome to post their own version! I’ve seen a few peoples’ but I’m terrible at remembering whose. I’m just going to tag a bunch of people and hope there are ten in here who haven’t done this yet:

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Anonymous asked:

SSS for On the Threshold? <3

I should probably announce, On the Threshold is going to be a little postponed, because I’m hoping to submit something to PiP. But here’s a snippet for you, lovely anon! <3

Each winter morning, Katniss would heat up some rocks at the hearth while boiling a breakfast of tessera grain or warming up leftover soup. The heated stones stayed hot for hours, and when tucked into her pockets, made the perfect hand warmers while in the woods.

Despite having several available, Katniss studiously ignored all but two of them every Sunday evening. She left half of them warming by the fire when she went to meet Peeta, even though there were four hands and four pockets between them.

She could barely be prevailed upon to wear gloves those days, in anticipation of the moment during their walk when one of them would reach out for the other’s hand. She wasn’t going to give Peeta a reason to keep that hand buried in his pocket.

So each Sunday, Katniss offered him exactly one heated stone, explaining she only had two, but they could share them. He would smile as he accepted, amusement in his eyes, because rocks weren’t exactly hard to come by in Twelve. But then again, he didn’t bring any either. Both were all too happy keeping one pocket cold, and sacrificing warm fingers for clasped hands.

Anonymous asked:

or continue on even though you're now wondering wtf the author was thinking? what do i do!!? advice, plz?

The full ask:

have you ever found your self in the middle of a fairly long, completed fic (say…5/10 chapters in), and the grammar is on point and maybe the characters are slightly ooc or it’s au but you don’t mind, you’re enjoying it; and then one of the characters behaves or reacts in a way that’s not just completely ooc, it’s just completely unreasonable for any human being to behave that way, and then you’re left wondering if you should just x out your screen or or continue on even though you’re now wondering wtf the author was thinking? what do i do!!? advice, plz?

This has happened to me, and my response always depends on how much I was enjoying it, and the nature of the jarring behavior:

If I was really caught up in the premise, or having a very enjoyable read, I would continue to at least the next chapter (or the end of this chapter, if it happened early on) just to see if the story recovers its believability a little bit, and maybe chalk it up to a fluke misjudgement on the author’s part. See if your suspension of disbelief can recover to the point where a chapter later, you aren’t still dwelling on the unreasonableness of the occurrence. If you’ve been pulled back into the story, continue. If you’re still reeling from the unlikelihood of it all, don’t.

If this action or behavior really has an impact on the following text, or brings the whole tone of the story down, I personally would peek ahead a few chapters, and try to glimpse whether things had been resolved adequately to the point where I would want to wait around and see the conclusion.

If it really put a damper on the entire story for me, but I thought there was any possibility that it was intentionally done - like the passage was a dream that never really happened, or the behavior was influenced by a factor that hadn’t yet been revealed, etc, I would probably check the reviews for mention of a twist or surprise. If I didn’t see any indication of it reverting to being believable again, I’d search for greener pastures.

If the behavior was one that upset or bothered me, that I found repellant or off-putting, I’d just “X” out of the story and find another one - there’s got to be another completed, enjoyable, relatively error-free story out there for you that you haven’t read.

Your time is your own and fanfic is about immersion in a world you find compelling and/or enjoyable - if this instance prevents you from re-immersing yourself in the story, it might be a lost cause. We’ve all started stories that aren’t a good fit for us, and authors want their readers to connect with their work. If it’s just not going to happen after the character’s behavior/action, save yourself some time. You can always consider leaving a very kind, yet constructive review or PM, too.

The ultimate test for me is, once I’ve decided I probably won’t continue a story, I’ll wait a day. Am I still thinking about the plot, the dialogue, or the premise? If I am, I’ll probably give it another chance. If I’m not, I move on.

Hope that helps, and good luck! :)

Anonymous asked:

When did you first start shipping everlark? What is it about everlark that makes them one of your otps? Also, I <3 you :)

The rooftop scene before the Games where Peeta gets sassy. Despite his expectation that his life would end very shortly, Peeta still wanted to be seen and understood by Katniss on a deeper level, one that had everything to do with who he was as a person, not who he liked (I was convinced his televised confession, while strategically delivered, was grounded in truth).

I would’ve expected a teenage boy who had nothing left to lose, sitting next to the girl he loved, to try to present himself in the most appealing manner possible, to flirt, truly confess, or try to impress.

Instead, Peeta unflinchingly bares his philosophy and challenges what Katniss considers an impossible situation, one with only one mode of behavior, introducing the possibility of a final act of defiance. The fact that he’s not trying to fulfill some last minute, live-while-you-can agenda on his last night of safety, but is instead trying to reveal a meaningful way to respond to the hell they’ve been consigned to, really made me sit up and take notice. It indicated to me that whatever Peeta had at the age of eleven in the rain, he still had it at age sixteen in the Capitol.

Then, when she outright dismisses the worldview he’s chosen to die by, Peeta’s rude right back, calling her “Sweetheart” like Haymitch. It was at this point that I started rooting for Peeta to somehow end up with Katniss, because I could tell he really had guts. It was potentially the last impression Katniss would ever have of him, and Peeta wasn’t afraid to stand up for himself when she belittled his ideas. He didn’t seek to attach himself to her, he stood separate, and behaved as an equal. Peeta didn’t kowtow to her, or ingratiate himself for her favor.  Katniss probably assumed Peeta would be mild and agreeable about it, but he dished her behavior right back, and she was shocked. And I loved it. :)

Why Everlark is my all-time otp: They’re so distinct from each other, but so complementary. Equal, but not the same. Neither needs the other to be complete characters, but their traits shine so brilliantly when paired, they become an indivisible, compelling force when together. I dearly love that SC gave the spotlight to someone who’s complex, hardened and somewhat inaccessible, someone who has shuttered themselves from most others - and not in a dramatic, glamorous way, thank god.  I absolutely believe such a person would treasure the traits of someone like Peeta. I also love that Peeta and Katniss appreciate each other for things that are not seen as typical of their respective genders. It’s so refreshing and timely with regards to gender roles. Lastly, the way their relationship symbolizes hope and resilience after even the darkest of times just gets me like nothing else.

And I <3 you too, anon!!!

Anonymous asked:

have you ever found your self in the middle of a fairly long, completed fic (say...5/10 chapters in), and the grammar is on point and maybe the characters are slightly ooc or it's au but you don't mind, you're enjoying it; and then one of the

or continue on even though you’re now wondering wtf the author was thinking? what do i do!!? advice, plz?

This is all I received from these asks, I think some might have been lost, anon! Please resend the rest if you remember it, and if I don’t see it later tonight, I’ll just take a stab at answering what’s here.

peetamellarksbabymama asked:

Alright, i'm bugging your ask box again. What do you think about Peeta's idealization in the fandom? I personally dislike it people seem to have this katniss is a cold-hearted bitch mentality while Peeta is perfect puppy angel and i just don't get it. What makes Peeta so much holier than Katniss? Cause he's white? cause he's merchant? Cause he doesn't kill as many people? help me out here


To be honest, I found this question challenging because my attempts to answer hit on a lot of personally touchy issues with respect to both real life and fandom stuff that I’m not quite yet fully able to articulate constructively (even after multiple drafts).  So the below answer is kind of me floundering as to how to separate my personal baggage from a more objective analysis of the books, etc., and I am not not sure that I actually succeeded.  So thank you so VERY, VERY much peetamellarksbabymama for providing me the opportunity to reflect on this (and I would welcome any additional opportunities to discuss/clarify/elaborate anything in my response or missing from my response).  

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What if Effie really was an expert on architecture, and if they’d bothered to approach her about the rebellion or get her out of the Capitol, she could’ve figured out a way to crack the Nut with fewer casualties based on the fortress’ design?

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Get to know me! Personality Types


The Four Temperaments [x]: Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Choleric, Sanguine.

Hogwarts House [x]: Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw.

Alignment [x]: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, True Neutral, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil

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Post Rebellion Drabble, Katniss POV

Saw this picture and instantly thought of Katniss after the war. So I wrote my (first ever) drabble. This takes place early in their ‘growing back together’ period, and is just a little snapshot of her. Hope you enjoy:

She still wasn’t used to him going to the newly-opened bakery. Hadn’t learned the silence of a house without him. She missed his tread, his whistling, his puttering with paints and baking pans. He’d been working up to this for so long, Katniss could never ask him to stay (always) just because she wasn’t comfortable in the gaping foyer, empty of embellishments but full of ghosts.

Peeta said this would be good for him, and she’d already noticed the change. She was so proud and pleased with his progress, but maybe just a tiny bit jealous too. She still couldn’t go back into the rest of the district, only to the woods, and Katniss wasn’t the one who’d been hijacked, then hijacked back. But he’d always been more resilient, and she’d always learned from his example.

Katniss heaved a sigh, and told herself that her return to what remained of Twelve would come when the time was right. It was something Peeta would say, so she could trust it. She leaned her head against the open door, staring down the road. Peeta didn’t know it, but she’d kept the front entryway open, rain or shine, the entire time he was gone every day. She watched as he left her sight, hand braced on the wooden frame, and then busied herself around the house for as long as possible. But always with the door open, because it seemed too final when it shut. Too uncertain whether he’d ever be able to make it back to her this time. Like the night before the Quell, she felt a dread that if any doors closed between them, they would be separated indefinitely. So the portal stayed open, and more often than not, she sat against it waiting for him.

Peeta didn’t know of course. If he did, he’d never leave, insisting on staying with her until she was comfortable with his absence — which would never happen. Katniss would always be nervous when she didn’t know his exact whereabouts. But this needed to be forced, she needed to teach herself that they could be okay apart, that the world wasn’t closing in on them anymore. That she could go to the woods while he went to the bakery, and he wouldn’t be taken from her the moment she looked away. She wasn’t there yet, but she would be.

Today, she’d even strolled around Victor’s Village. Unable to stand the silence alone for another minute, she’d walked out, propping the door behind her. It was only for half an hour, but it was first time Katniss had left while he was out. The thirty minutes had been spent walking in the grass on the side of the road and picking dandelions.

Peeta would be home soon. Katniss repeatedly scrutinized the path through Victor’s Village for any sign of movement. As soon as she saw his outline on the road, she  would jump up, pull the door most of the way closed, and position herself on the couch with the TV tuned to Plutarch’s insipid singing contest, as if she’d been occupied all day.

It wasn’t the most dignified or independent way to behave, and certainly not the healthiest, but it was the most she could manage just now, so it would have to do. One day, she’d step outside Victor’s Village. One day, she’d set foot in the town or Seam again. But the first step was tomorrow.

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Desperately seeking song recs…


I’ve been in the mood to draw lately, and I was considering whipping something up quick for the everlarksongfics Fic and Fanart-athon(check it out, it looks great!). I’m not sure if I’ll have time, but the theme for the first round is country songs, and I’m completely drawing a blank!

Do you guys have any country song recs that remind you of Everlark (that you won’t be using)?

Thank you to iamnotathornbird and everyone else for their recs! There are so many great suggestions, it’s going to be hard picking just one! I’m loving going through them all! :)

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Desperately seeking song recs…

I’ve been in the mood to draw lately, and I was considering whipping something up quick for the everlarksongfics Fic and Fanart-athon(check it out, it looks great!). I’m not sure if I’ll have time, but the theme for the first round is country songs, and I’m completely drawing a blank!

Do you guys have any country song recs that remind you of Everlark (that you won’t be using)?